We’re putting our energy into efficiency.

Why is NU replacing existing meters with Smart Meters? Smart Meters bring many benefits to our customers through operational efficiencies and enhanced service. A few examples of the many benefits are improved energy management, minimized utility visits to your home through remote meter reading and remote turn-on and turn-off capabilities, a well as improved outage response.

But what about RF Exposure?

The use of radio frequencies (RF) in consumer products such as cellular phones and wireless routers has increased considerably over the past decade, and continues to increase. Although Smart Meters utilize RF technology, by staying within regulated requirements, transmitting infrequently, and remote placement, they present significantly lower RF exposure for consumers than many other products that are used daily without concern.

In the US, the FCC establishes the requirements for use of the RF spectrum and acceptable exposure limits for the public. The Smart Meters that NU will deploy, made by Honeywell, comply with and exceed the FCC requirements.

Still have questions?

You can always call NU Customer Service at 423.625.2800 for additional information.

Customer Notification Inserted in December Bill

Your electric service by the numbers.

Supplier: TVA
Delivery Voltage: 161kV (2 points)
Substations: 9
69KV Transmission: 36.55 miles
13.2 KV Distribution: 2191 miles
Service Area: 600 Square miles
Customers: 21,500